Mustangs Jr Soccer Association

Please help us enforce these safety rules by informing others who are unaware of the rules. These rules are in place for the safety and comfort of all our participants and spectators and mandated by our insurance advisors. While we love to have family members watch the game(s), please ensure they are aware of the rules as well. Thank you for your compliance.


No alcoholic beverages permitted on properties.


No unauthorized vehicles on grass


No smoking anywhere near the playing field area.

Lawrence Township Park closed from Dusk to Dawn
No bicycles, skateboards, dirt bikes, 4x4s, scooters, horses on the field areas or pathways [O.R.C. Section 2909.6(1)]
No fires of any kind


No profanity, vulgar language or fighting
No alcohol or drugs
No climbing on backstop, nets or trees
No weapons of any kind
No solicitation of any type
No littering
No destruction or damage to property.

The policies & procedures noted above are in effect during all soccer practices and games and at all locations where MJSA participates.